Hello again!

Before I start with my usual waffle I just want to thank the readers of this blog for telling me they're reading it 'cause it really does make all the difference to know I'm not just waffling to myself ;)

Let's start with the weekend - boy was that knackering! I provided sound for a folk festival and found myself the most tired I have felt since Japan. I was actively trying to keep my mind active by knitting, which didn't help much as I'd miss a stitch or do the wrong one. It was very much like jetlag, and in that barely conscious state I found myself scribbling song sketches which I have since been developing on my Brook baby. One song came out though, during Douglas E Powell's set, almost as word vomit.

A complete song in the space of about a 2 minute song from Doug - which will automatically give you an idea of the basic song structure. Yes okay musician friends so it's the same chords all the way through, you should be used to this by now ;) I do like the lyrics though so watch out for "Will play," coming to a gig soon!

I saw a good chunk of local song-writing at the weekend that I had been continually missing for one reason or another - you know how it is, gigs always fall on those days when you're shattered/in the wrong town/working etc. But finally I had them all in one place! Har Har! So here's a list of people that blew me away: Small Town Jones, Scott Xander Linn, Douglas Powell & Kiera Osment. There were also some impressive cover acts - although the term cover acts doesn't do instrumentalist folkies, Jeroka, justice. They were incredible. Dogleg also blew my socks off so there we have it I had a knackering, windy-socks weekend.

At the weekend a cider-soaked friend approached me and said, " so what the ["ahem"] is with the name change?" Rather bluntly I replied, "It's my name." "Yeah but you hate your name Roseanne" "My name is Roseanna" "Oh...." He went on to ask why I did it and I explained that I didn't want people thinking I'm a band. "Oh that makes sense." Hooray! 

I'm sure the questions will continue so I openly invite you to ask them and I'll answer them on The Voice FM October 16th 7:30pm as I'll be on street live promoting Geography and the new, old, me :) 

On other notes 'Geography' is now available to buy at Nature's Nutrition in Bideford Mill Street and I'll be having a little play outside Saturday the 11th October to entice you to take a look inside. I've finally replaced Ben's awful anti-bacterial, plastic hand wash with some very affordable handmade soap from Nature's Nutrition. I've also invested in some awesome liquorice & Cinnamon tea from them in a bid to sort my throat and stomach out - the weekend has left it's mark!

So October is shaping up to be rather busy and I'm feeling a little out of shape so I think I'll pop the kettle on ;)


Rose x


Okay so I promised you some gems in my last nugget of news so here we go. I'm actually, for once, just going to get straight to it! I have been given the incredible opportunity of supporting some amazing artists in the coming year - as if supporting Boo wasn't enough fun! I am pleased to confirm that I will be opening for Phil Beer in January at the Queen's Theatre and Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman at The Folk House in March. I know right... what?!!?! Honestly when I was told I nearly made a puddle. I'll probably write a song about that or include it as a lengthly metaphor for something... Seriously thought 2015 is looking pretty perky so far and I'm almost too excited!

But I shouldn't jump ahead just yet, I've still got Tapeley at the end of this month to look forward to. Practise began last night with the lovely Nevular; I've been calling Nev Nevular for as long as I've known him but I'm not sure whether I've done it to his face. You see I always throught of him as this cloud of otherworldy serenity and talent - get that for a description, I'm on fire today! - so anyway that guy from the Queen's, yes he'll be joining me :P We are working on some special covers to mark Halloween and, as ever, I'll be throwing in some brand new old tunes for your judgement - don't miss it!

So the name change is going well and the songs keep coming.  Thank you for the new-page likers on facebook and the tweeters for hanging in there amidst the confusion! I'll bring you another update soon :-)

Rose x

Well not really a new name, it being my name and all, but it's a huge change and has meant a lot of fresh starts. So why? I hear you cry! Well, it was time to draw a line under Roholio and what better way to end her era than with Geography really. Although it is a goodbye to a name I've nurtured for eight years it is a fond farewell and has so far felt quite liberating. Maybe now I'll share some of those songs I thought too risky to be sung 

under the umbrella of Roholio! And there are a fare few I can tell you. I suppose mostly it is leaving behind the assumptions that I am a band.... or Mexican/Spanish (sadly I am not). So really I guess I'm using my name now because I'm finally stepping out from the crowd and admitting I felt all these things that made these songs and I'm quite proud of them and what we've done and I don't need to hide behind other people anymore. I sort of proved that at the launch when I sang, what I consider, some dangerous songs (you go to my head & Speed spring to mind) but I am twenty five now and as my friends reminded me, it's not like I'm twerking on stage....

So there's an update for you! There are a few more to notify you of, some are absolute gems but I'll keep them to myself for now otherwise we'll have nothing to talk about in the slow winter months! Firstly I had a smashing time supporting Boo Hewerdine in Bristol and he was kind enough to give me a pretty nifty quote, "Rose is an exciting new talent. A fabulous singer, instrumentalist and writer. I saw her transfix an audience recently. Fantastic!!” What a lovely man :-) He had a very nice purple shirt on - as I was quick to point out and then quickly realised I sounded like I was sucking up - and delivered a hell of a set. Boo has a wonderful dry sense of humour and we spent any spare moments around the merch table or backstage larking around, pretty much at my expense (I do put my foot in it sometimes). I hope to catch Boo again and I am incredibly grateful he let me support him at the Folk House - what a great venue snuggled in between hobgoblin and a cafe? Amazing!

Last update for this post seeing as it's getting a bit long! I will be finishing my Roholio days at Tapeley Park, Instow on October 29th with a Halloween-themed set alongside Judith Christie & Ruth Harry. I just couldn't resist :-P After this gig any shows I do  will go under my actual name so keep your eye out, I'm not done yet!

So a big thank you to the old and new fans, your continued support has made Geography possible. Here's to the next eight years as Roseanna!


Rose x