Well I packed up the curls and my four horsemen and hit the road to roll with the big kids at Warwick. First off, how bad was the weather Friday?!?! 3 accidents in North Devon I later learned, countless others as we travelled up the M5 and M40 and a whole tonne of breakdowns on the hard shoulder. The rain just fell and smeared and sprayed and alarmingly people still drove around without their lights on doing 70mph. Fearing-for-our-lives aside we were happy to rest up friday night ready for two shows on Saturday and I am very grateful we didn't have to do that drive Saturday morning as we had originally planned! It took about 7 and a half hrs going up and about 3 and a half hrs going back... I'd say never again but we all know that's not gonna happen...


Warwick itself was a beautiful little town that I wish I'd had more time to explore. Very Tudor-esque, lots of wood and stone - the way I like it - and the festival was the largest I've come across so far. Always bear in mind I'm a newbie with this stuff and quite the social-phobe so everything is pretty much new and news to me. It was a good vibe though and I got lots of compliments on my outfits, what every girl wants to hear ;) , and a few "great set"s along the way so I feel like I did alright. The first gig was at the Bridge House Theatre and I got to meet Granny's Attic - a very modest bunch of hugely talented trad folkies - and Stylus who is every bit as stylish as he sounds but I really enjoyed my final set in the lecture theatre. I admittedly designed a punchier set expecting more of an audience but in typicalmurphy's law it wasn't to be and I was up against Nancy Kerr on the main stage. Damn. You can imagine the tumbleweed that blew across my mine haha Oh well I did get to debut a few new songs and covers which seemed to work nicely it's always good when a new banjo tune goes down well, and I did meet some lovely people.

I'm feeling absolutely knackered today though and I know the day job tomorrow is going to feel so much harder than normal but I think it was worth it. I had a great experience, some cracking festival food, listened to some fab acts - Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar got the blood pumpin' - and drove a very long way into the mist!

There's a song in there somewhere....

Rose x


ps. Thank you to Heather Louise Kincaid for taking this shot in the Bridge House Theatre, couldn't resist popping it in the blog.