What a busy time it has been! Allow me to fill you in on what's been happening....

Firstly Mike decided we should have a little road trip to Brooks Guitars and let me tell you, I am smitten. This was by far the most beautiful guitar I have ever played and probably the most expensive! I will be saving all future pennies for one of these and some sort of fancy inlay. Honestly cannot praise Brooks enough on their craftsmanship -- they make their own machines for crying out loud! Lovely people, lovely instruments :-)

So epic road trips aside what else have we been up to? Well rehearsing with the soulful likes of Kiera Osment for our gig at the Plough of course! We've also played at Barnstaple Foodfest, been in the North Devon Journal this week, twice, and on local radio show, The Voice who will soon be moving to FM and have invited us to come on the first breakfast show. Details to be confirmed so watch this space!

So aside from all the promoting and pushing for the plough what else have we been up to? Oh you know, just drafting the song lists for the next three albums.... You heard me ;) We are planning on becoming something of recluses this winter in an attempt to hopefully bring you two of these albums next year. So naturally this means a lot of new material, more instruments, more Mike and a bit more of a range musically so I am hoping you will like where we're going and follow us there :)

So keep watching this space 'cause there's lots more news to come and we hope to see you all on Thursday at The Plough Arts Centre. :)