Hello there!


This is bound to be a strange entry and so I will endeavour to begin and end it on a positive note so let me open with 470 likes on facebook! Only 30 to go until we hit 500, I feel a bit like buzz lightyear... "to infinity and beyond!" Okay maybe not so epic but still :P

On other news we've spent Easter practising, recording, polishing and writing together and I really feel it has paid off. I know I'm probably biased but I am loving Mike's song, '16 men' based on the true story of Lundy Island's turbulent past - turns out Mike is even more obsessed with history than me (tell no one but I have a substantial coin collection...)

We performed the song last night for the first time and I was very pleased to hear Mike singing naturally - he tells me he's very used to backing vocals and singing covers of Neil Young - turns out his tone is actually a lot lower than I thought; the man is deep haha. It was definitely a bit of a strange one last night though to say the least, Roholio experienced our first ever heckler in probably the smallest venue we've ever played - note to selves - if we can't fit the double bass in comfortably and we can't even fit ourselves on the stage then we probably shouldn't be there! None the less we had a strong first half before the crowd thickened and the noise increased. I think we got to the point where we were battling a wall of sound with our music, it was like fighting metal with a feather! Guess we've learnt to go where we are appreciated but a big thank you to the people who did make us feel welcome - you know who you are - and to the kind bar maid who made Mike's night by telling him how awesome his boots were [cherry red Dr Martens].

Hey ho! onward and upwards, all experience is necessary and who knows maybe we'll get a song or two out of that one ;-) All the best and we will be in touch soon,

Rose x