Hello again!

And a special hello to Daniel from Sweden who sent us a very kind greeting - we are in the process of getting some photos done which we will gladly sign and send off to you, thank you very much for listening!


We've had so many lovely comments lately and it has truly meant the world to us, particularly me because I'm quite a self-critical softy! We can't do any of this without people like you so I'm going to start this blog with a hug and a huge thanks to everyone for their continued support. You're awesome :) 


And to reward you for your awesome-ness here's a sneaky peak at what we get up to in rehearsals....


Now you might wonder what on earth is on Mike's face... then again you might not, but what it is, is a 'cozy nosey.' Ever had one of those blustery walks in the winter wind, hair blowing wildly, ears aching sadly and noses permanently frozen? Well Mike has the answer!  [he pitched this to me just before we played at The Imp in Bristol, stupidly I blazz-ayed the whole thing then...he sure showed me]

So back to the music! There's lots of things coming up and we've been working very hard indeed to make sure 'Geography' is going to be everything it can. We've also decided to give you another track so rather than a nine-r you'll have a ten track album featuring none other than my new banjo! Yaaay! I've finally plucked up the courage to introduce a banjo song to Mike, and he liked it so I'm hoping you will too!

Gig wise we're in Bristol on the 24th and it's Gigathon next month as well as a special, intimate gig coming up at the end of April (watch this space for the details).

So as ever, lots in the pipeline and lots of love to you all!

Keep checking back!