Hello again! 


Another busy week or so but I promise not to write an essay this time! So here we go ;)

We had an awesome time at The White Lion last Saturday in Braunton. I managed to arrive a good 2 hours early and still without the very-much-needed 3rd mic stand .... I know... I know. So I also have the Reform Inn to thank for such an awesome night because we couldn't have done it without borrowing yours! 

Met some lovely people at The White lion though and I was introduced to a new throat remedy - whisky, lemon and hot water -I'm pretty sure like me you're assuming the worst but rather than hitting the floor my throat was gently soothed and finally I was getting some of that top end back! Hallelujah! I feel like I've had the flu for a year already!

Anyway back to the gig, lovely, wonderful, cheery, captive audience. Could not fault you guys one bit you made my year so we look forward to playing there again in the Summer :)


On other news phase 1 of recording Geography occurs tomorrow! Hooray! We've admittedly had to trim some of the dates but I'm as optimistic as ever and aiming for a minimum of 4 basic tracks to be laid down tomorrow. I've sent out a teaser demo of Happiest when barefoot & kissing this week to sort of test the water in a sneaky sort of way. I know at least two people have listened to and loved it so that's reassuring! I will probably push it a little more, now that I know at least two people like it ;) that's all I need! So anyway yes barefoot & kissing will feature on Geography so it's a proper sneaky listen in you're getting ;) Maybe I'll keep drip feeding demos to you... hmm I tell you what if I get enough good feedback about this one I will :)


Pipeline wise... there's lots in the pipeline! Got a few things waiting for confirmation and a few very exciting opportunities on the way so as always keep checking back and I'll keep you in the loop :) 


All the best,


Rose x