This week has been gathering momentum like that juggernaut man in xmen four so much so I was going to update you yesterday but there was even more news to come today! So where to start, how about band practise shenanigans which I've been dying to share with you guys since Monday. For anyone who ever wondered what an acoustic duo get up to whilst rehearsing for a gig....


This is what we get up to. In our defence though Dory had been a little under the weather after running full speed into a prickly bush and requiring stitches...

Anyway once rehearsal actually began we were half way through 'The Line' when we got a surprise phone call from The White Lion in Braunton asking us to play! If that wasn't enough we were then asked to play in Appledore so as I always say, keep checking the upcoming dates page because the gigs really are coming in at an alarmingly short notice-y rate! Oh we've also established two Soundcloud accounts, one with purely album tracks on it and one with some drafts, demos and live tracks giving you more options to get your kicks! So that was Monday's very effective band practise ;)


Come Tuesday however I was feeling the full effect of working with children; coughing, spluttering, sniffing you name it. Now we'd been working up to our Street Live slot on The Voice FM for Thursday night so when I text Mike that morning saying 'I've lost my voice!!' we were both naturally alarmed. It was a long day of using hand gestures, rather than my voice, for crowd control and having a soother at every given moment in order to keep my throat smooth. That Lemsip stuff though, deadly. Now I don't like lemon at the best of times, but hot lemon?!?! My face gained some wrinkles that day I can tell you. So my throat was sore and my voice was low and me and Mike were feeling very nervous but a quick practise before our set allowed us to do some last minute tweaking to the set and I must admit I'm very glad we did. Originally we were going to play:

The line

Swings and roundabouts

When we're apart

But what you guys got was an absolute one off of:

Out [which I'd literally re-learnt that day on mandolin]

Speed [which we'd originally felt wasn't polished enough and turned out to be the most popular song of our set]

Harvest Moon [lovely Neil Young cover with Mike singing]

When we're apart [A nice happy tune to end with]

To say my heart was pounding would be a complete understatement. Anyone in the studio watching my left hand while I was picking 'out' would be able to tell you how shaky I was - amazingly I can't hear it in the soundcloud file the station has kindly uploaded! And I'm even more amazed at how well 'Speed' came across, my heart just went for it when we got to the final stretch of that song. We later got feedback from a friend on how it had made him cry when The voice replayed it about an hour later. Such a great night and Roy & Adam were a very warm and welcoming team that definitely brought out the best in us.

I tuned in the following evening whilst relaxing in the bath and to my astonishment The Voice played our version of 'Harvest Moon,' I nearly drowned! They also played some One Man Boycott and Scott Xander Linn (two great local acts and friends of mine) which was lovely to hear so I honestly can't encourage you enough to tune in :)

By the way this photo got over 70 likes both on our facebook timeline and our publicists'... clearly we did something right! 

Anyway back to the updates... around about Friday afternoon I finally finalised the dates and times for the Studio and the 6 hour recording marathon we've got planned for the february half term. Frankly I think we should all take bets on whether or not we'll actually finish it in that time but we'll see, I'm optimistic :D

Saturday saw me solo-ing it at Evolution in Exeter which due to the severe cold weather meant I was unplugged and playing in the incense soaked dining area of the vegan coffee shop and having one of the strangest, nicest times! I was served a beautifully foamy hot chocolate along with Dragon 'something' tea ( I mean  you couldn't make this stuff up!) playing Mandolin on a black leather couch to the unsuspecting lunch-time customers. Two long time fans came all the way from Barnstaple which was nice and I feel I made a fairly good impression (I hope!) on the locals. Handed out a couple cards anyway and certainly had a good laugh with the waiter who couldn't stop himself from telling me about his rat-riddled abode. No, sadly not domestic. Non the less a very good time was had despite my voice clearly on its last legs, I even previewed some new material which went down well.


Which brings us to today! Today we have been confirmed for Roy Grimes' (of The Voice) Charity event Chubstock happening on May 10th 2014 and another possible festival which I am sworn to secrecy over so there you have it! What a crazy week! Thank you to all the smashing people we've encountered this week, it is YOU who have made ours.

So after all that I wonder what next week will be like....

Have a good one!

Rose x