Hello again! 

Another busy week in the holio-verse (like the universe only a bit weirder)... We revealed a fresh new set at The Volunteer Tavern, Bristol Thursday night to a very welcoming crowd and had a great time tasting their unique Loki Ale and gazing upon, possibly, the world's biggest potato! Lovely quirky pub but seemingly in the middle of no where? We got lost  several times upon leaving, even managing to get ourselves stopped by the cops:


"Mike try and drive a bit slower so I can read the signs otherwise..."

[blue lights flash from behind]

"Like I was saying you'll get pulled"

[Policeman approaches, I wind down the window, he abruptly opens the door]

"Oh sorry I didn't see you wind down the window... are you lost?"



He then went on to give us detailed instructions on how to get back on the M4.... which we didn't follow one bit and ended up even more lost driving in circles round Cabot Circus. Nevermind no fines and we got home safe and sound so in our minds it was a good night.


On other news we were invited to play for Colin at The Voice FM to celebrate his first ever full FM show Saturday Morning. Unfortunately Mike couldn't make it but I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Colin again - great fella, good laugh! - so off  I troddled Mandolin in tow and nervously delivered two brand new songs to a suddenly much wider audience. Colin was right it was very nerve racking knowing all of a sudden that you were reaching more people, I felt like the first time I'd ever played on radio again and I have to admit my feet were shaking a bit as I sang 'sooner or later.' Non the less I powered through and I think I did okay? You were all very kind about it anyway and you will be happy to know that we will be returning to the Voice on Thursday night for street live, this time with Mike, so you'll get a better idea of the magic  we're conjuring these days!


So outlook for the week ahead? The Voice 7:30pm Thursday and 12:30 Evolution, Exeter Saturday exclusive solo set from me. Phew! Busy busy bees....

Catch you later!


Rose x