Hello there!


Apologies for the lapse in blogging, as you can see Roholio.co.uk has now merged with Roholio.com and we have a new look website which hopefully makes finding things a little bit easier for you guys. Lots of things have happened since Halloween so I'll try and paraphrase...

Tour. We have been wanting to tour for a long time and it looks like we are finally able to and so this Summer we will be taking to the motorways and B roads of this land and playing a south west tour hopefully with the support of some equally quirky musicians.

Geography. We have begun to put together a track listing for Geography and have been rehearsing somewhat non-stop. Recording dates booked for February and we are hoping to share some of the magic with you in April. We are being very organised with this record to the point where we already have the album launch booked and ready to go so here's a date for your diary! June 20th! But I feel a need to keep the venue a secret til the last minute in order to entice more of you to come along.


New instruments. I warned you all a while ago now that the instrument body of Roholio was expanding. It is fair to say it has now expanded with a bow on the bass, new mandolin, new banjo and dun dun duuuun a new Guitar on order from Brook Guitars. Words cannot express my giddiness at the thought of having a guitar that doesn't give me railway lines when I play it but unfortunately there is a bit of a wait, as with all good things, so we can expect to see my Brook baby at the end of the year and hear it on the sixth album. Mike jested we hold back the fifth until the guitar is finished but he has a martin and a Cat's Eyes so I'm pretty sure we can "make do" ... 

Gigs! Contrary to popular belief we are gigging! In amongst all this chaos we have numerous dates booked throughout the year in Bristol, Barnstaple and Exeter so please keep watching the facebook, the website and now the twitter account for all the news on upcoming shows. They often change last minute so if you're hoping to catch us please do keep your ear to the ground :-)

Wow that was a whole lot of paraphrasing but you get the gist, we're working very hard at being the best Roholio can be and there are a lot of new, lively tunes coming your way. Keep watching this space and we'll see you soon!

Rose x